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Admera Health is a leading precision medicine company providing a suite of high-integrity pharmacogenomics (PGx) solutions, diagnostic testing, and biopharmaceutical research services. PGx, the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs, combines the fields of pharmacology and genomics to develop effective, safe medications and dosing recommendations tailored to a person’s genetic makeup. PGx testing may help reduce adverse drug reactions (ADRs), which some estimates place as the fourth leading cause of death – resulting in more deaths than lung disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, and accidents. For every healthcare dollar spent on medications, an additional 50% is spent on addressing ADRs. Admera Health’s flagship product, PGxOne™ Plus, is a comprehensive test built on the foundation of enabling smarter and safer medication management. The test incorporates next-generation gene sequencing design applications and expert data curation to deliver biological systems based medically actionable results. In addition to PGx services, Admera Health leverages existing knowledge and infrastructure to offer related clinical services and robust biopharmaceutical genomics solutions to researchers worldwide.
Employee Testimonials
Admera health focuses truly on people, both their patients and employees. The happiness and health of everyone is their primary concern. For patients, it’s the quick and accurate results, and for employees it’s the positive work environment. As a new employee, it was easy to see from the beginning, the caring attitude here, where someone is always willing to help when needed. This positive attitude allows all employees to learn various skills and feel confident in their abilities to do so.
Danielle Cardone, Clinical Technologist I
I really enjoy working at Admera. Everyone here is very friendly and determined to make a difference. I enjoy that not every day is the same and how we always have new challenges, like finding solutions for all the data we produce. It also makes me happy to know that everything we do here is to help people and make their lives better.
Justin De La Cruz, System Analyst
Admera Health is very big on encouraging its employees to be go-getter’s, where people can be open with ideas and are celebrated for being innovative. Admera Health’s Appreciation Moments are very special too, like the Presidential and Team Awards we have every year to celebrate those who show dedication to their work, and go above and beyond. I personally feel that I was able to be mentored by a few other members of the Admera Health team, which is amazing, and I’ve learned so much already. Overall, being able to work for a company that, not only supports its employees, but also provides products and services that actually save lives, is really impactful.
Shalis Ammons, Product Manager
I really appreciate the friendly work environment and the fact that there is so much opportunity to gain experience, not only in your specific field, but also the other departments that contribute to the success of the company. It’s not often that one gets the opportunity to get so much hands-on clinical diagnostic experience, while also being in such a pleasant work environment!
Tom Sousa, Bioinformatic Assistant
There are many reasons I love this job. I have been here for several years, so I have had the opportunity to grow within the company that is continuing to grow. There’s a lot of potential with this company and everyone is always willing to help, even the higher-level employees love to help! I really appreciate the family dynamic here; it makes coming to work and being at work enjoyable. We also get to learn new things when we interact with the patients too. Sometimes we can form friendships with patients, that also makes the job wonderful and more meaningful too. With Admera Health, titles do not always mean everything, everyone here helps each other out and people who show hard work and dedication are always appreciated.
Selena Griffin, Client Care Assistant
I really enjoy working at Admera Health where the people are very friendly, collaborative and professional. The company creates a very good learning environment, that enables us to learn different aspects of the industry. All of my fellow colleges are always very willing to share their expertise too!
Theresa Kung, Senior Clinical Technologist II
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Innovative and collaborative team environment

Innovative and collaborative team environment

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Our values are how we see the world, and how we treat each other and our customers. They are our foundation and these values live in all of us. We recognize that these behaviors are critical to our success as individuals, a team, a company – and will positively impact the world we live in.

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