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Admera Health is a leading precision medicine company providing a suite of high-integrity pharmacogenomics (PGx) solutions, diagnostic testing, and biopharmaceutical research services. PGx, the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs, combines the fields of pharmacology and genomics to develop effective, safe medications and dosing recommendations tailored to a person’s genetic makeup. PGx testing may help reduce adverse drug reactions (ADRs), which some estimates place as the fourth leading cause of death – resulting in more deaths than lung disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, and accidents. For every healthcare dollar spent on medications, an additional 50% is spent on addressing ADRs. Admera Health’s flagship product, PGxOne™ Plus, is a comprehensive test built on the foundation of enabling smarter and safer medication management. The test incorporates next-generation gene sequencing design applications and expert data curation to deliver biological systems based medically actionable results. In addition to PGx services, Admera Health leverages existing knowledge and infrastructure to offer related clinical services and robust biopharmaceutical genomics solutions to researchers worldwide.

Admera Health
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Admera Health offers
a portfolio of genetic tests
beyond the scope of
traditional diagnostics

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Admera Health partners
with both healthcare providers
and biopharma companies
to advance precision medicine

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Admera Health offers
actionable and personal
results to improve
patient care

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