Pharmacogenomics Testing: A Proposed Tool to Achieve Better COVID-19 Outcome in Patients with Chronic Disease Who are Prescribed Medications

PGxOne™ Plus is a comprehensive pharmacogenomics test that can help select appropriate medications for patients with pre-existing comorbidities (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and others), patients with high-risk genotypes, as well as helping select both medications proposed to treat COVID-19 and those involved with patient supportive care.

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RxVision™, Admera Health’s Clinical Decision Support System for Physicians

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  • Gain digital access to all patients’ PGxOne™ Plus results even without an EMR integration
  • Easily navigate test results with dynamic searches, including by medication, therapeutic area, and drug interactions
  • Securely and easily refer a patient’s report to another physician
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Medication and Gene Association List:
FDA Drug Labeling Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers Table

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Healthcare professionals may utilize a courtesy consultation with a pharmacogenomics expert, Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm EST by calling phone_icon_call_center_splash-page-1 Physician Resources 844-4ADMERA (844.423.6372), or by scheduling Sched%20Call%20Icon-2 Physician Resources a call.

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Physician PGx Consultation Form

*For physician use only*

Please schedule your courtesy consultation above, and have the Physician PGx Consultation Form downloaded prior to your call.

Physician PGx Consultation Form
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Sample Submission Guidelines – PGxOneTM Plus

The following video, produced by DNA Genotek, will review proper techniques for collecting a buccal or cheek swab sample for processing in our laboratory in three easy steps. This will reduce the need for resample and is critical to yield good test results.