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Improve supportive care from diagnosis to outcome

PGxOnco_icon2_small PGxOnco Precise prescribing of
pain management and
mental health

PGxOnco_icon1_small PGxOnco Rapid actionable
reports to
implement your
treatment plan

PGxOnco_icon3_small PGxOnco More effective

PGxOnco_icon4_small PGxOnco Cost savings from
reduced supportive
care issues

Supportive Care

Addressing supportive care issues can require significant effort. With PGxOncoTM testing,
physicians can be well-prepared in managing many facets of patient care.

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Pain Management Drugs

PGxOnco™ testing can guide
optimum treatment of
cancer-related pain for both
current patients and survivors.

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Depression/Psychoactive Drugs

When anxiety, fear or depression
emerge, medication may be
indicated. PGxOnco™ can enable
faster relief by reducing trial-and-error
prescribing and dosage titration.

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Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting are major concerns associated with cancer treatment. PGxOnco™ testing can help reduce these side effects and improve quality of life by optimizing drug therapy.

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Additional Therapeutic Areas

Recommendations also include therapeutic areas not
traditionally associated with cancer treatment to assist the
oncologist who steps in as the primary care physician.
One such area is cardiology.

Chemotherapeutic Response

Efficacy and tolerance of chemotherapeutic drugs varies widely. A key contributing factor is genetics. For example, 5-FU, a commonly used chemotherapeutic is often poorly metabolized by patients with certain DPYD variants.

This puts them at significant risk of:
Cardiovascular: myocardial ischemia, angina
Gastrointestinal: gastrointestinal ulceration, bleeding, and intensive diarrhea
Hematology: anemia, thrombocytopenia
Psychiatric: disorientation, confusion, depression
In severe cases, accelerated death

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Practice_efficiencies_icon PGxOnco Practice Efficiencies

Free up resources by reducing:
• Sequential therapy changes
• Better manage immunocompromised patients
• Efforts spent on treating cancer-related infections
• Time addressing drug toxicity

Cost_containment_icon PGxOnco Cost Containment

• Providing proper drug dosages
• Guiding alternative drug selection
• Reducing prolonged and unnecessary hospital stays
• Improve cost-effectiveness of infectious disease drugs.

Clear, Color-Coded Results

Results are delivered in an easy-to-manage report, providing the relevant information to make more informed treatment decisions

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Consider Alternatives

increase_decrease_50 PGxOnco

Dose Recommendation

proceed_with_caution PGxOnco

Proceed With Caution

normal_response_50 PGxOnco

Normal Response Expected

PGxOnco™ complements Admera Health’s suite of molecular diagnostics:

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