Simvastatin: Improved Quality of Life

I developed myalgia from taking simvastatin which mostly affected the muscles of my hands and joints. It was progressively getting worst and limited my daily activity. My doctor wanted to add new medications for getting relief from myalgia. I did not want to take more medication.

Following the test result, the report showed “consider alternative” to simvastatin. I was switched to Lipitor as a result, I am much better and helped me get back to my life. Taking the test was easy, just a cheek swab.

-Mike M.


My experience with this Pharmacogenetics program has been very positive. My son has diagnosed with ADHD two years ago. He has tried multiple ADHD drugs but no real success. The doctor continued to increase his dosage and the side effects were awful.

I heard about Admera Health’s PGx testing from my colleague and decided to get this test done. I can’t believe the difference I see. My son has been performing better in school.  I would recommend this test to anyone who feels that their medication is not working. The test was fast and the report is very easy to understand.

-Linda F.

Pain: Extremely helpful

PGxOneTM Plus test proved to be an invaluable resource to my treatment decision. My pain medications were not working and my doctor did not want to try a medication that could be detrimental to my co-existing health condition. After taking the genetic test, I leaned that I am a poor metabolizer and I was not taking the best medication for me. Now I know what medication will work for me. I highly recommend this test for everyone.

-Jay K.