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A non-invasive cancer test that can easily become part of your workflow
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Established guidelines
recommend liquid biopsy
when tissue biopsy is not
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Utilizes proprietary
technology to analyze
ctDNA/RNA to accurately
detect cancer-driving
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Measures actionable
mutations from blood for
the selection of solid tumor
targeted treatment
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Testing at multiple time
points allows
quantitative monitoring
for drug resistance
Clear, Color-Coded Results
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  • Single gene analytes via qPCR that can be
    run individually or multiplexed
  • Offers accurate results within 3-5 business
    days so results can be in-hand before a
    patient’s first oncology consultation
  • Limit-of-detection 0.01%, the equivalent of
    finding one DNA fragment in 10,000
  • EGFR T790M and EGFR C797S variant detection
    for drug resistance monitoring included
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  • Next Generation Sequencing test, coverage of >110
    variants in 10 genes frequently mutated in lung cancer
  • Turnaround time of 7-10 business days, which is
    faster than standard protocols including reflexive
    FISH and immunohistochemistry testing
  • Limit-of-detection 0.1%
  • Input includes both ctDNA and ctRNA allowing
    for optimal fusion detection including, novel fusions

LiquidGxLung™ quantifiably detects variants, producing actionable results

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LiquidGx™ complements Admera Health’s suite of molecular diagnostics:

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